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Enrollment as a Siren School student is $25 annually and is your first step into becoming an active member of the siren community. Your registration ensures you're invited to all of our meetups, camps, and events with VIP status. It also allows you to start up a Siren School Salon (chapter) in your area. Even more thrilling, all enrolled students are automatically included in the PLUNDER perqs program (Pupils Looting Unrestrained 'N' Deriving Enriching Rewards).

This allows you to earn ducats (reward points) just by getting involved in the siren community, doing everything from sharing things on social media to submitting an article or recipe to la Vie Sirene magazine to swimming with wild dolphins in the Bahamas or sleeping in a tree house resort.

Premium rewards include:
  • A Pirate's Caribbean Cruise & Treasure Hunt for 2
  • Custom Silicone Mermaid Tail
  • Fantasy Fitness themed dance class sessions
  • Complimentary participation in a Siren Soiree or Mythic Adventure theme event
  • 5 day Total Sirenity Island Experience in Hawaii 
  • and oodles more
Standard Enrollment
is $25 annually


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