Thursday, April 25, 2013

By ReQuest

SirenQuest has been on shore leave while awaiting the launch of la Vie Sirene, the online magazine
that serve as the source of all our future quests.  At last the publication in sight, with its premier issue all set to land June 1, 2013.

Our quests will follow their trail, i.e. their monthly theme, beginning with June's Mermaid topic.  So get ready for some mermaidy questing in just a few short weeks.  For those of you who've not played previously, SirenQuest is an online treasure hunt of sorts, whereby questers hunt applicably-themed vendor websites in search of goodies and delights that will answer questions, moving the player forward towards the game's final solution.  Our new schedule will see questions posted each Sunday throughout the month.  Click on the How to Quest tab above for details and deadlines.

June's prize will be the Siren School portion of this September's 
value $150

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