Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Quest #7 - The Romance of the Romani

This week's quest is all about wanderlust and la vie boheme as we travel the highways and byways with the gypsies.

June 5 - #1.  First things first, you will need the right apparel.  Wander on over to Holy Clothing and find the page showing their Burgundy color skirts.  How many of the skirts have the word Gypsy in their title description?

June 6 - #2.  What would a gypsy be without her bracelets?  Today's adventure takes you to the opulent Etsy shop of Blackberry Designs.  Find the Gypsy Charm Bracelet that matches the photo shown here.  Fill in the blanks from the description: "5 vintage images from the 1920's of ________ __________ under clear magnifying cabachons. The images are graphics from _____ ________________ _________."

Jume 7 - #3. Today's quest-ion is exceedingly difficult!  You are required to go to the Katwise Etsy shop and try to choose your favorite among her whimsically gorgeous sweater coat creations that have the word gypsy somewhere in the description.  Good luck!

June 8 - #4.  Whether you're using a stovetop, electric outlet or campfire, you can sip and savor Zhena's Gypsy Tea -- the original spirit of tea!  While on their site please find their Stackable Sip Sampler Tins listed under Tea Sachets.  What 4 flavors are listed as part of the Variety Sampler, and how little does it cost?

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