Thursday, June 14, 2012

Perennial PinUps

PinUps never go out of style.... well even when they do, they come right back all the more popular.  Join us this week as we take a detour don't the back alleys of memory lane, to enjoy the beauty of this classic American female icon.

June 14 - 1. Visit one of our fave sites, Margarita Bloom retro vintage beauty & skincare, and find your way to Racy & Risque Rosie hydrating lip balm. Please fill in the blank from the 2nd line of the Why You'll Love It paragraph of the product description: "After all Pin-ups _ _ _ _ !!"

June 16 - 2.  Sneak a slice of Americana at Siren School's As American as Apple Pie & PinUps event... which can be found by cruising down the main page of the Siren School blog.  In what leisure activities may you choose to participate during the picnic lunch?

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