Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Quest #6 - Siegfried & his Swan

This week's quests takes us to the classical, ethereal world of Swan Lake, the ultimate in balletic beauty.

May 29 - #1.  What woud a swan be without her feathers?  Please visit my favorite fine-feathered site, Fancy Feathers.  While there, swoop over to the Fringe page and from there find the "Ostrich Feather Fringe 2-Ply 1 yard/ 3 feet in length" (the example shown is pink). What does the description say this feather fringe is 'ideal' for?

May 30 - #2.  Jette´ over to the Discount Dance Supply site and locate the Natalie Classical Length Tutu Skirt. Please list the color options offered.  {Gamemistress' note:  I am tickled ballet pink at the prices and options offered by this site.  I plan to pack my dance trunk with some of their delightful bargains}

May 31 - #3. Flutter on over to the l'Ecole Siren site and find our le Cygne (Swan) experience.  While perusing the pithy event description, find the part that talks about the oh so glamorous recital reception.  What is listed as being the 'key' to making sparkling wine sparkle?

June 1 - #4.  Today takes you to a site with beautiful views -- Sweet Romance Jewelry.  Use your navigation skills to find the exquisite Swan Lake wedding necklace.  Please fill in the blank, from the necklace's description:  "Fringe of ____________________ flank a glass pearl teardrop."

June 2 - #5.  A perfect diversion on a Saturday, the reading of a "compelling, gorgeously told tale" -- in this case, Carolyn Turgeon's The Next Full Moon.  Please feel in the blank of the book's descrption: "Ava goes back and forth between middle school and this magical realm ________________________ ride."

June 3 - Final Question: this week's final question is our easiest of any quest to date, and comes in two quick parts.
(a) Please go to the Siren School Facebook page (and 'like' it if you have not done so already.... we'd be eternally grateful).  Please jot down here the first quote posted today.  Hint, it's by A.P. with an attendant of a ballerina at the barre 
(b) What did you learn and enjoy most about our vendors this week?
Dying Swan by Vladimir Trechikoff

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