Monday, May 14, 2012

Quest #5 - of Naiads & Nymphs

Potions and baubles await you on this week's quest....

May 14 - 1.  Head on over to the Facebook home of Fantasy Earcuffs by Mandy and take a look at her Wall photos album.  Find the Gold-Tone Sprite cuffs.  What is the last line in the description?

May 15 - 2.  You may want to grab your favorite soothing libation before heading off to our next stop, as you will want to explore the Sweet Romance site for ages. Please click on the Bracelets link from the left side menu. From there please find and click on the Lily of the Valley bracelet.  What is it that "are hand enameled in translucent green to emphasize texture..."?

May 20 - 3.  You should be well rested after pausing from questing while Siren Central's computers have been down this week.  You have but one more question to answer to complete your quest today.  Please go to the Siren School event descriptions blog and find the Water Sprite Spree experience.  While reveling in its wonders, go to Day #2, the Morning Segment.  What is the last word in the sentence that begins with the words Siren singers?

FINAL QUESTion - Please fill in the blanks as follows.... and yes, good sportsmanship dictates no Googling or cheating while answering... that goes for you! ;)

by Aloysius Bertrand (1807-1841)
“Listen! Listen!  (EARCUFFS BY MANDY ANSWER) _______ _________  know what you hear?
It is I, Ondine, spirit of the water,
who brushes these drops,
The water on the resonant panes of your windows,
lit by the gloomy rays of the moon.
And here, in a gown of watered silk,
gazing from my chateau terrace,
I contemplate the beautiful starry night
and the restless sleeping lake. 
“The waves are my sisters, swimming the paths
which wander towards my palace…
The walls are at the bottom of the lake,
in a fluid structure of earth and fire and air. 
“Listen! Listen! Do you know what you hear?
My father strikes the water with an alder branch,
My sisters caress the grass with arms of white foam,
lift the water lilies, move the rushes,
and tease the bearded willow which casts its line,
baited with (SWEET ROMANCE ANSWER) _________, into the darting water.” 
When she had breathed her (SIREN SCHOOL WATER SPRITE SPREE ANSWER) _________, she begged me – 
begged me – to put her ring on my finger;
to be her husband and sink with her down – 
down to her drowned palace
and be king of all the lakes.
I told her I loved a mortal woman.
Abashed and vexed, she dissolved into tears and laughter;
vanished in a scatter of rain –
white streams across the dark night.

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