Monday, April 23, 2012

Qeust #4 - The Fairest of the Fairies

This week's quest celebrates the fairest of the fae.... no, not the wicked queen of fairytale and mirror fame -- but that dreamy creature to be found of a midsummer's night -- none other than Titania, the Queen of the Fairies.

April 23 - 1.  Please visit the All Natural Arts Facebook page.  While there, go to the droolable Photos, specifically the Pocketwatch Pendants album.  Find the custom-creation entitled "Little Fae" -- please copy its entire description.  [Note: we're trying it this week without providing a Worksheet.  Let me know if you'd like me to post one]

April 24 - 2.  Please steep a pot of your favorite brew and flit over to Fae Magazine.  Once there, click on the Peek Inside menu tab on left side.  Peruse the luscious issues until you come to the FAE issue 14 spring 2011.  From there click on  the page preview that shows a Global Faery Tale by Felicity Fyr le Fay.  When you come to the following sentence as you read, fill in the blank “Late into the __________ the wise man returned exhausted with a long tale to tell.”

April 25 - 3. I am beaming with pride to announce the launching of the most unique of businesses by one of Siren School's most enthusiastic sirens, Amanda Roncalio-Meyer.  Instead of me lamely attempting to describe her exquisite Fantasy Earcuffs products, please take a gander for yourself.  In the description of her jaw-droppingly cool ButterFae earcuffs, what word is missing: "Perfect for your inner Forest Fae or other Mythical Woodland Creature! very __________ pulls are all that is needed to change the fit, bending the metal very slightly to suit each person."

April 26 - Pixies pulled some pranks on my computer as well as internet connection... and Facebook page too for that matter.... a triple fae threat!... which means YOU were off the hook for the day :)

April 27 - 4.  Please flit over to Faerie's Finest.  While there, take a look at their impressive list of Flavored Sugars... and list 6 of them... any six that suit your fancy.

April 28 - 5.  Let the winds carry you over to ethereal artist Donna Antonucci's Fairy Magic Fantasy Art page on Facebook.  Click on the Photos tab then go to her Fairy Magic album.  In the 2nd photo shown (dated 04-05-10), on 'what' does the white-clad fairy sleep?  She is sleeping on a  __ __ __ __ __

April 29 - FINAL QUESTion: In Edmund Spenser's "A Letter of the Authors,"regarding his masterpiece The Faerie Queene, he states that the entire epic poem is "(anwer 5)ily enwrapped in allegorical devises," and that the aim of publishing The Faerie Queene was to “fashion a gentleman or noble person in virtuous and (answer 3) discipline.”  Please post the entire sentence, with the blanks filled in, and send via message to the SirenQuest Facebook page.

The Faerie Queen by Howard David Johnson

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