Monday, April 2, 2012

Quest #1 - What is a siren?

Welcome to our first ever quest, which is unsurprisingly mermaid themed.  Though we will usually pose one question a day, on this,  our maiden voyage, we will will post 3 clues each day for 6 days (Monday-Saturday).  On Sunday we will post the final directive as to how to answer the overriding Quest-ion, 'What is a Siren,' which will be based on your answering all previous questions successfully.

Just go where you're told, fill in the blanks, hold onto your answers and you should do marvelously.

So.... do you have all your supplies?  Compass, water, sense of adventure?  All right then -- hold on tight and enjoy the ride!

Mon, April 2

1.  Please go to the Siren School Facebook page.  Go down our Timeline to our beginnings to find an entry dated September 15, 2011. It should show a photo of a gaggle of gorgeous mergirls.  From what Report in Businessweek is Mr. Stein quoted?

2.  SQ-01 - Question #2: Please visit the following site: Margarita-(using the first 5 letters from your answer to question #1).com... that's Margarita-_ _ _ _ .. and yes there is a dash in the site name. While on this 'gorgeous' site, please find Mermaid's Lore... It is a Dead Sea Clay & _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Masque. [Keep this answer to yourself &/or on your answer sheet]

3.  On the Siren School blogsite, please use the search box to find the word just used to answer #2. (The word search bar is white and located near the top right of the Siren School site). You will see more than one instance where your answer from question #2 is referenced. Please choose the entry dated Dec 17, 2011. While on that page, go to Session One, Day #2, the 'transformation' section. What will you NOT lose if you are photographed? Your _ _ _ _

Tues, April 3

4.  Swim on over to  Click on Retro Vintage Mermaids, the 5th link down on her menu to the left.  From the Retro Vintage Mermaids page click on the link at the end of the first paragraph in order to look at some of her retro vintage mermaids.  This should take you to a Flickr page. What oceanic creature is featured with the mermaid in IMG_6383. _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

5. Now go to world-class artist Sue Beatrice's All Natural Arts page on Facebook.  There, please take a gander at her Sea Glass Items photo album - her item called Mandarine (dated Jan 29) is described as a 'Hot Orange _ _ _ _ _ with carved wood mermaid'

6. Please traverse the Siren School site until you find your way to our Sea Siren Mermaid Experience  What sort of spa treatment is offered during Session II, day #1's Evening Respite?

Wed, April 4

7. Please visit the Scarlet Ginger Facebook page and click on the About tab. Under the Description section, you are welcomed and invited to 'Have a seat, poor some _ _ _, and shop around!

8.  Please go to the Siren School site.  During our Sea Siren Mermaid Experience's 'Morning After' activity, what kind of brunch is listed (that's the adjective preceding the word 'brunch'): _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

9. Please go to authoress Carolyn Turgeon's  I Am a Mermaid blog and find Jessica Yambao's Paper Doll  Mermaids post.  When asked by Carolyn, "Are you yourself a mermaid?" Jessica's reply included the phrase "... _ _ _ _ _  full of mysteries and surprises..."

Thurs, April 5

10. Please visit artist Tammy Derwick's Be the Myth mermaid site.  Please click on the Mermaid Ladies Apparel page.  What words does Tammy use in her page header to describe Mermaids - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ....... Elusive ......... Mysterious....

11. Go to the Siren School site's search bar type in the first 5 letters from your answer to #10.  4 options should come up as to page posts that include that word.  Click on the 4th one, dated Jan 03, 2012.  Once on that page, go to Day #6. The morning activities (9-11a) include the phrase "You'll learn how to carry yourself with  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ease ...."

12. Please visit the exciting Mer-palooza site.  Swim around to find out the base price (pre-tax) for an Adult Party ticket

Fri, April 6 

13. Please go to the Pricing page on the Siren School site.  Under the Gotta Getaway category, what is the name for the $199.50 option: Simply _ _ _ _ _ _

14. Give yourself a little end of the week treat and peruse the magical and mythical Mermaid & Mythology Magazine. Whose art ‘features on the cover and inside’ of the current issue?

15. Take a trip to visit the Mertailor.  On his Mermaid Tops page please click on the link for Silicone Scale Tops.  On the dropdown Color Options menu, what is the 5th color listed?

Sat, April 7 

16. Please click on this site's Contacts page.  Under  'Just Ussin’s', what is the 11th word written: _ _ _ _ _ _

17. Please paddle on over to the Aqua Shop on Facebook.  An entry dated March 13 shows a Lovely Mermaids Height/Growth Chart which “now is on sale for only ...” ? $___ (note, do not click on link as it has just become inactive)

18. Please visit the Siren School page on Facebook.  From there, choose the Events tab.  What are our Mer events for those under 18 called -- and to what specific age groups do the names apply?

Sun, April 8 

FINAL Question: So then... what, in essence, IS a siren?

Per Siren School's site, "It is the (answer 11), (answer 13), (answer 16),  (answer 5) and (answer 3) that resides at the core of every (answer 9)."  Please write type out this answer (the sentence within the quotes above) and message it to Siren Quest via Facebook... the Message button is to the write of the 'Like' button just under the cover photo at top.

Mon, April 9 - winner announced on our Siren Quest Facebook page... at which time our Goddess-themed quest #2 will commence.

Just a handy answer sheet to aid you in your quest

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